Bilingual Educators

The Quirkles® develop early science/literacy skills that align to state and national standards (including Common Core and NGSS), while also creating the building blocks for future learning. You can access the entire Quirkles series in Spanish via our digital library.

The Quirkles® offer a fun way to develop/reinforce robust science concepts. Vocabulary builders, two related science activities, and a character education lesson create an excitement for learning. Whimsical illustration allows for further understanding of the concept and engages young students, too.

If you want to take inquiry science learning even further, enhance the Quirkles book series even more with More Quirkles Experiments: Taking Quirkles Learning to the Next Level.

The Quirkles® make getting science into a packed teaching day easier. While in primary grades the Quirkles® can easily serve as stand-alone science, for those using traditional science textbooks, it offers a hands-on way to reinforce in either Spanish or English. Even non-science loving teachers love the Quirkles®! 

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