Have a Star Spangled Science July!
July 1, 2014

“Fizz, Boom, Read” is the summer reading theme at libraries across the country and science is the star! Of course we couldn’t agree more, and offer a variation of red, white, and blue “fireworks,” Quirkles science style. 

We begin with the classic crowd pleaser, the Mentos® and Diet Coke® explosion, and give it a twist: use clear diet sodas (they are less sticky than regular sodas), add some red food coloring to one, blue to another, and leave the third one clear. Watch the reaction as the tube of candy falls in the soda. You’ll have “patriotic” soda shooting to the sky.

Sure the kiddos will be excited, but don’t fail to take advantage of the teaching moment. Is this a physical or chemical reaction? Why do Mentos® create such an explosion? (Learn about nucleation sites.) Or, take this from a science activity to experiment by changing and testing different variables. Do different candies make a difference? How about different sodas?

If you need an inside version of this activity, read the Quirkles’ Gilbert Gas and try Gilbert’s Pop Top. It too is guaranteed to create a ton of laughter and a love of science. Follow up with all the Quirkles’ stories and activities and/or make a trip to your library this summer for more fun summer science.