Celebrate Earth Day!
March 31, 2014

This is the month we celebrate our glorious planet: Earth! On April 22, more than a billion people in 192 countries will join together for Earth Day. Like Earth Days of the past, Earth Day 2014 will focus on the  environmental challenges of our time.  As the world’s population migrates to cities, the need to create sustainable communities is more important than ever. Earth Day 2014 will seek to do that through its global theme: Green Cities.

Join the Quirkles' X.E. Ecology in learning more about the importance of taking care of our wonderful planet.  Read the story about the importance of being “green,” not polluting, and recycling. Take it further with activities in our Teacher Guide and More Quirkles Experiments book.

Then enjoy a tasty treat that teaches a big lesson.  Our experiment of the month (click on the experiment tab below) focuses on understanding the importance of soil.  Often taken for granted, healthy soil is essential for life on our planet.  Learn through this edible lesson, the layers (horizons) of soil.