Science Fun for After Thanksgiving!
November 1, 2015

In addition to the turkey and all the other fixings, if you’re like us, one of the favorite holiday dishes on your Thanksgiving table will be a gooey concoction of yams or sweet potatoes covered in melted marshmallows. Yum! While we certainly don’t recommend these activities at the dinner table, (although it may make for a more memorable event), here’s a couple of fun ways to burn some after-dinner calories and learn science concepts, too.

This month we offer from the Quirkles®, “Friction Fred’s Magic Spoon,” and from the Fuddlebrook Science Series®, “The Fuddlebrook Marshmallow Launch (see video).

To demonstrate friction, wipe off any oil on your face or nose with a washcloth or paper towel. Touch the curved part of the spoon to the end of your nose. Move the spoon around until it sticks. Let go of the spoon very slowly. What happens? You’ve created friction that holds the spoon to your nose! This may take more than one try.

Now after that warm-up, let’s go for the big event! In the book, Freddie’s Dance Lesson, the concepts of motion and force are explored. With some wooden craft sticks and rubber bands, and a plastic spoon, kids can make their own catapult and launch the leftover marshmallows. Have a contest to see which marshmallow goes the furthest. Try other projectile objects (preferably not the leftover mashed potatoes). Which goes further? Why? And you thought football was the main competitive sport of the day!

In all seriousness, during this month of giving thanks, we would be remiss not to thank all of those who have supported us—by buying our books and materials and offering guidance, encouragement, and support. We have been incredibly blessed by you and for that we give thanks