Learn About Friction with Armpit Fudge
September 2, 2022

“We did a great science worksheet today!” said no kid ever. As an educator, make a new school year resolution to be the one that “comes home to the dinner table” (in a good way of course)! We remember experiences. We remember doing things. We remember concepts when we can apply those concepts.

What better subject than science to make the classroom come alive? This month we offer some simple and very fun science activities that are guaranteed to make children look forward to coming to class and then telling others about what they have learned. But, it’s not just about the “wow” factor. It’s also important that the concepts learned are meaningful and robust.

So how do we start the new school year with a bang? Fall is a great time to read Friction Fred to learn how Fred uses friction to help the Foops win the football game. Try all the fun activities in the Quirkles Teacher Guide and More Quirkles Experiments book to reinforce the story and science. Have distance contests on different surfaces, try “Friction Fred’s Magic Spoon,” and design a new version of  Fred’s Friction Flyers football shoes.

But that’s not all. This month we offer a bonus, that, while not in this book, ties to Friction Fred. Watch our video to learn how to make armpit fudge. Instead of the conventional way of ingredient mixing, we use the friction and the heat of the human body, namely the armpit, to do the work. It’s actually quite tasty and just gross enough to be wonderful to a young child!

The Quirkles stories and activities are full of ways to make learning memorable. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for some educational, fun science!