Celebrate Science and Seuss!
March 1, 2020

What do Dr. Seuss and the Quirkles’ Zany Science Zeke have in common? They both tout an amazing substance known as a polymer. Seuss’s “Oobleck” and the Quirkles “Zop” are classic science experiments that start out as a liquid. After being squeezed, the polymer will form into a hard ball (solid). Open your hand, and the substance changes back to liquid.

Now go beyond this tried and true activity to learn more about polymers. This month we offer you Zany Zeke’s Bubble Slime (More Quirkles Experiments) with a twist on the name we think Dr. Seuss would like. Check out our video where we do a variation we call Fliz Floz. Some liquid starch, glue gel, a little food coloring, and a touch of glitter is all you need for some fun science!

So celebrate Dr. Seuss’s March birthday month by reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck, where a gooey green substance falls from the sky and wreaks havoc. Then follow up with Zany Science Zeke/More Quirkles Experiments to learn more about polymers and other lessons about states of matter. Through all the activities you will discover how amazing the world of science can be!

Want even more experiments and videos? Go to the News and Resources tab and then Recent News/Archives. Happy learning!