It’s Almost Time for Fuddlebrook!
September 1, 2015

In just a few months we’ll “officially” introduce you to our newest science characters. The Fuddlebrook School Science Series™ with Herman Tweed (the class pet hamster), Mrs. Wigglebum, and her students Liza, Freddie, and Bert, will be a perfect complement to the Quirkles®.

For those who use the Quirkles in the lower primary grades to teach science and reinforce phonics, Fuddlebrook offers more fun science for the next grade levels. In some cases it provides another story and more science activities to go along with the same concepts taught in the Quirkles. At other times it addresses completely new concepts/ standards, not covered in our first series. Not using the Quirkles? This is a stand-alone series. You don’t have to use one to use the other (but of course, we hope you do)!

The 26 stories are not written with the same phonemic alliteration as the Quirkles, but the stories are fun and relatable to children. And of course there's colorful, whimsical illustration and two more science experiments in each book. In addition, there's a teacher guide, poster, science kit, and student science journal. The books come in three versions: regular softbound, library hardbound, and in digital format, too.

We anticipate these will be off the press in early 2016, ready to ship at that time. We’ve loved bringing you the Quirkles and hearing your stories about how they have inspired you and your children to enjoy science.The Quirkles, now in the 2015/fourth reprint, will certainly continue to do that! We think the Fuddlebrook series will be another way to encourage that tradition as well.

As a sneak preview, we’ll showcase one of the activities this month from the first Fuddlebrook idea that rattled around in our brain. It became the first story (oral at first) and the book we would probably start with as it reinforces science process skills. Who Stole Herman Tweed? takes the Fuddlebrook students through a series of steps as they become detectives, analyzing the evidence to determine the prime suspect (and ultimately the culprit) when Herman Tweed suddenly goes missing. Enjoy the Fuddlebrook Mystery Powder activity! Also watch our latest video to learn more about the newest Creative3 addition and to meet Brittany Bilyeu, our great, young illustrator!