Enjoy Some Egg-cellent Science!
February 29, 2016

March is an exciting month. First, we’re expecting. Yes, during the latter part of this month, 26 new books will be delivered. More than three years in the making, the 26 book Fuddlebrook set, teacher guide, science kit, poster, and student journal will be ready to make its debut!  It will join its older sibling, The Quirkles®, as another fun and innovative way to instill a love of science in children.  Be on the lookout for our “official birth announcement” later this month.

But that’s not all. As we grow excited for our newborn, we also celebrate a milestone for the Quirkles, too.  For in this month, ten years ago, we were expecting our first batch of Quirkles books to come off the press.  They rolled off a truck ( 42,000 books the first go-round), the end of March, ready for their debut  in April.  Four reprints and thousands of books, children, and teachers later, our ten year old is just as precocious as ever!

But enough about us.  Easter is also celebrated this month and that reminds us of some really cool experiments. Watch Ms. Terri,  Karson, and Hayden use the Quirkles Pressure Pete and Mary Motion as a source of “egg-cellent” science activities in our video as they demonstrate how heat affects air pressure and Newton’s First Law of Motion.  Enjoy both!