Keep the Science Simple!
April 3, 2017

It’s already April which means the school year is rapidly coming to an end. So many things left to do; so many year-end activities!

One argument for not integrating science into the school day is the time and expense it involves. “I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of stuff, take a long time to set it up, or have to “practice” a bunch of times to make the experiment or activity work,” is a common cry from teachers, afterschool educators, and parents.

But much like the fancy toy in the beautifully gift wrapped package that gets laid aside in favor of the box itself, for young children, you may be over-estimating the need for complexity and over-thinking as well. This month we offer some simple science activities that pack a big punch…and tie April as well.

First, from the Quirkles book Density Dan, we illustrate the science concepts from the story with those eggs you never got around to hard boiling for Easter. Two eggs, two plastic cups, some water, and table salt is all you’ll need to create a fun, teachable moment about density and why some things float and others do not.

Another super simple, but impactful activity can be used to celebrate Earth Day, April 22. It literally only takes a rubber band!  Watch our video as children try to remove the rubber band from their own hand which represents what sea creatures and other wildlife must deal with when we carelessly throw plastic rings from beverage packs or other garbage that pollutes our sea and land.

April also is the month that hosts National Library Week. So don’t forget in the hustle and bustle to do one more simple but profound thing. Read a book together. A child is never too old for shared reading. And, if you’re looking for just the right story, might we suggest any of the Quirkles® 26 books?

Just remember, simple science can make a big impact! Try these activities, take time to read together, or enjoy a nature walk during this beautiful spring month. Simple is sometimes simply the best.