Summer Science is So Cool!
May 31, 2023

The days are warm and long and we spend more time outside.  It also offers the opportunity to try some fun science activities at home or school that just lend themselves to the days of summer and the occasional mess that’s better outdoors! Watch our video as Rowan enjoys a root beer float and learns about the states of matter, too. Then with the leftover root beer, try Gilbert’s Gas to see if all the carbon dioxide gas escaped when making the float.

 The Quirkles offer many more fun summer science activities too. Here’s a few other ideas in other Quirkles books:

Andy Acid: Talk about acids and bases then demonstrate with the lovely hydrangea plant. How can you make the flowers pink or blue?

Jazzy Jet:  Make paper airplanes of different sizes and shapes and measure the distance they fly. What makes them aerodynamic?

Kitchen Chemistry Kal: Once something a little more ambitious than root beer floats? Make homemade ice cream! The easy recipe is in the book.

Mary Motion: Learn about centrifugal motion with Mary Motion’s Spinning Bucket.  Be careful, you might get wet! (More Quirkles Experiments)

Vinnie Volcano: Vinnie’s Exploding Soda Volcano uses dry ice (adult supervision required) and a two liter bottle of soda to make an oozing outdoor volcano.

But that’s not all. Try all 52 Quirkles experiments (or the 52 additional ones in More Quirkles Experiments).  Or check out our other fun science series The Fuddlebrook School Science Series and join Herman Tweed, Mrs. Wigglebum and the gang ( for even more fun science ideas.  Yes, make this a science summer!