Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future!
May 1, 2016

Just a few days ago we celebrated the Quirkles 10th birthday and “officially” introduced Herman Tweed and the whole Fuddlebrook gang to the world, too. Words cannot express our appreciation to all who turned out to help us celebrate these two important occasions. Check out our video that takes a look back at what’s happened over the last decade and look forward with us as we anticipate the future with both the Quirkles and our new Fuddlebrook series.

So here’s some trivia regarding the Quirkles and the last ten years…

There are 884 pages of illustration (including covers) in the 26 Quirkles books.

Ollie Oxygen was the first Quirkles book written. It was also the last book illustrated because the artist/illustrator refined the characters so re-did some of the earlier books.

Three Quirkles that did not make the cut were Jumping Jed, Queenie Quartz (although she made an appearance in Quincy Quake), and Polymer Pete. 

Some of the most popular science experiments are: Gilbert’s Pop Top, Inquisitive Inman’s Water Mystery, Pressure Pete’s Vacuum, and Mary Motion’s Plummeting Egg.

Quirkles books are in 45 states and 48 countries.

The Quirkles books are written in Spanish as well as English.

More than 12,000 people follow the Quirkles on social media and more than 11,300 subscribe to the monthly e-newsletter.

Finally, there are more than 2,010,000 YouTube video views of more than 85 Quirkles activities videos.

So a lot has happened in ten years! As we conclude our look back don’t forget to dust off your Gilbert Gas book (one of the most popular of the Quirkles books), or download it for free here. Than enjoy Gilbert’s Pop Top activity. It has a very special place in our heart. Watch this month’s video to learn why.