Kick Off the Day with Football Science
February 1, 2022

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Groundhog’s Day, the Winter Olympics, and of course the Super Bowl! Did you know there’s more to the game than good food, fun ads, the game of course, and friendly gatherings? 

There’s much science that can be gleaned from the big game.

For example, what does the Quirkles® Jazzy Jet and a football have in common? Airplanes and footballs both have unique shapes to minimize drag as they go through the air.

A punter deals with the science of projectile motion and parabolas as they kick the perfect punt into the sky.

Hydration and nutrition are essential throughout the season but especially during the hot days of summer training camps. It’s not unusual for players to lose 10 pounds during each practice. Eating right and taking in plenty of fluids is key.

And last but not least, Newton’s Laws of Motion come into play in football every game. Inertia, mass, and gravity helps determine who wins the battle on the gridiron.

Finally, read the story of Friction Fred and see how his team the Foops benefit from having the right kind of shoes for the big game.

While not football,  we offer a fun lesson illustrating Newton’s First Law of Motion watch our plummeting egg video or try this in your classroom!

Still can’t get enough football before Super Bowl Sunday, February 13? Check out these videos that are narrated by Lester Holt who looks at even more science behind America’s favorite pastime, football.