Upcoming Events

10/2 - Missouri Assn. for Gifted

We'll be presenting too!

10/3 - Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted

10/14 - Alabama Assn. for Gifted Children
Birmingham, AL

We'll be presenting too!

11/11 - National Association for Gifted Children
Denver, CO

11/20 - Missouri School Age Community Coalition (MOSAC2)
Lake of the Ozarks, MO

2/23 - Foundations-Beyond School Hours
Orlando, FL

We're presenting too!

2/24 - Arkansas AGATE Conference
Rogers, AR

2/28 - Georgia Gifted Association
Athens, GA

3/20 - National Afterschool Association
Las Vegas, NV

4/26 - Boost Conference
Palm Springs, CA

We're presenting too!