Fall is Fun with Science

Changing seasons, fall colors, and a fun holiday make for many teachable moments during October.

This month watch as Chloe, our budding young scientist, and  Ms. Terri show you an activity called Gilbert Gas’s Oozing Bubbles. We love Halloween so we offer a spooky twist (Ghost Bubbles) but if you don’t celebrate the holiday, you can simply teach about states of matter. Our video shows a little more dramatic variation, but you can make the same point with a tall cylinder or glass, water, some dishwashing liquid, and the secret ingredient—dry ice (carbon dioxide in solid form).  Kids love this really cool demonstration.  

Want more ideas? Take a look at some of our other October videos from the past. These include Zany Science Zeke’s lesson on polymers. We’ve “Halloweened” it up by calling it Wanda the Melting Witch. It’s pretty cool regardless of what you name it! There’s also a variation of Vinnie Volcano’s Volcano (chemical reactions) we’ve modified to make a spewing pumpkin. Finally, try Ollie Oxygen’s Fun Foam (exothermic reaction) to make a Halloween or fall potion.

Fall and science just go together. Enjoy the season and the ideas we offer to make it full of fun, robust, and memorable learning.

Posted: September 30, 2019


Gilbert Gas's Oozing Bubbles


Dry ice (carbon dioxide in solid form) not only helps reinforce the concept of states of matter but adds an element of fun to any fall party.


Inquisitive Inman’s Water Mystery


Great scientists have to have good observation skills. We know that is one of the science process skills. Here's a fun way to test the power of observation and to learn about polymers too.

Jazzy Jet’s Huff & Puff Challenge


You won’t believe the outcome of this activity. It’s not magic; it’s science!

Hallie Heat’s Rising Water


Is it magic or science that makes the water move?

Gilbert Gas's Balloon


How about some fun science activities that demonstrate states of matter? But the best part? After learning about solids, liquids, and gases, you can eat this tasty treat!                                                                                                            

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