Fall: A Great Time for Science!

There’s no denying it! We love, love, love the season of fall. While the calendar may suggest new beginnings start on January 1, there’s just something about moving from summer to autumn to get you re-focused. Perhaps we feel that way because we’re teachers, and the fall signifies a new class, a new start to the school year, and a chance to begin again. Or maybe it’s the colors, the food, and the smells.

As we live in a part of the world with four seasons, we enjoy watching nature make its transition. And the science! What a time to make science come alive! From fun fall activities to Halloween science (check out our showstopper in the experiment section that we've dubbed Wanda The Melting Witch), there are so many cool things for you to share with children! Learn more about polymers by reading the Quirkles, Zany Science Zeke.

Posted: September 30, 2018


Wanda the Melting Witch


The Wizard of Oz has nothing on us. She’s melting, she’s melting, she’s melting!

Friction Fred’s Armpit Fudge


Try this unconventional way to learn about friction!

Underwater Utley’s Oil Spill


What’s that floating in the ocean? Here’s a sobering statistic: scientists estimate more than 706 million gallons of waste oil enter the ocean every year.

Hallie Heat’s Rising Water


Is it magic or science that makes the water move?

Botanist Bert’s Colored Flowers


Plants are not only beautiful and delicious to eat, but generate oxygen, food, and fuel  that allow higher life forms to exist.

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