"I would like to say THANK YOU! I have never seen a curriculum capture the true essence of learning like the Quirkles. My first graders eat, sleep, and breathe the Quirkles!"

Mandy, First Grade Teacher, Siebolt, TX

My class consists of students in all elementary grades. The Quirkles have helped me meet my students' individual science needs and enrich their scientific knowledge...This is truly a unique way of teaching students using activities and fun.

Susan, Teacher, Royce, TX

 I made myself a Quirkle apron and when the kids come into my room and see me wearing it, I wish you could hear their responses. When they tell me this is their FAVORITE activity class that means SO MUCH!!! I love my job!

Starla, Gifted Teacher, Conway, AR

I really appreciate your ideas and support!!! I am amazed at the Quirkles series that you have created and know you all must be FABULOUS teachers!!!

Cindy, Lower School Science Coordinator, Suffolk, VA

Thank you so much for putting this "out there." My students and I LOVE it!"

Jennifer, Kindergarten Teacher, St. Louis, MO

You all do not know the following you have with students...The 3rd/4th graders constantly want to know what Quirkle I am doing that week for the younger students. Thanks again for all you do to promote science, creativity, and most of all, inquisitiveness, in children today!

Pam, Gifted Teacher, West Plains, MO

We really enjoyed using the curriculum with our first graders. Our students really loved the stories and the hands on activities that each lesson ended with. The Quirkles series easily aligned with Texas Science TEKS across grade levels(K-5).  An “A-ha” moment was when a 4th grade science teacher commented on the fact that her daughter’s 1st grade Quirkles group was working on the same TEK that 4th graders were working on. 


Erin, First Grade Teacher, Kerrville, TX

It is very hard to put into words exactly how much I love the Quirkles. They totally changed my attitude about teaching science to kindergarten and first graders as an enrichment class in my school.

Lynn, Gifted Teacher, Springdale, AR


I wanted to tell you how much the Quirkles have meant to us in China. My kids love the books and we constantly come back to read them again and again.

Philip, Dalian, China

The Quirkles are wonderful! I have an almost-five year old son who loves science and I want to encourage his interest. He thinks that science is the “coolest thing ever."..... Congratulations on a job well done!


Teresita, Brooklyn, NY

I love this concept you have!! I am a homeschooling mom to three boys (ages 3 - 7) and I'm a Cub Scout Leader for ages 6 - 9. These books would tie in nicely with many of the projects we do and hit a great range of ages. I have a great love for science (having a Chemical Engineering degree myself) and really want to instill this in my boys, the earlier the better. Thanks for...what looks to be a fantastic curriculum. Looking forward to learning more from the Quirkles!!


Becky, Homeschool Mom, Moulton, AL

We used the Quirkles books at our spring literacy event at our preschool. I have to say it was a huge hit! The children loved the fun characters and were really into trying some of the experiments. The teaching staff loved the books too...Thank you for bringing the Quirkles and science into the lives of so many young children! 

Jennifer, Parent/Preschool Board Member, Mundelein, IL


I like the Quirkles books. I think it was a brielient (brilliant) ideas to make the books you make. I wish I had the books...I liked the science experements (experiments). From your number one fan.

Josh, Springfield, MO

Thank you so much for coming to [my school] to share your wonderful stories. The Quirkles are a great idea and I already have seven books!


Skyler, Springfield, MO


Overwhelmingly approved by our product testing panel, the 26 books in this series are sure to entertain and educate children of all ages. ....Each illustration is vibrant and interesting and the unique narrative uses alliteration to teach children about all types of science. ...Whether you know a budding botanist or a curious chemist, there is a Quirkle for every kid. From A to Z, the Quirkles are sure to please!

Steve Spangler Science, Denver, CO

We’ve been presenting sessions everywhere, and I have the greatest Quirkles’ story ever to tell you…[A second grade teacher in Dallas] had been using the Quirkles…reading the stories early in the week and extending [the concepts] by allowing the students to be involved in their own experiments on Fridays for the first few weeks of school. Recently the school started pep rallies at the same time on Fridays, so this cut into the class time for Quirkles science. As you can probably anticipate the ending of this story, the students revolted and didn’t want to go to the pep rallies! They wanted to stay in their classroom and do their Quirkles experiments and read their science books!


Sharon, Frog Street Press, Crandall, TX